We make it easy.

Construction can be a trying time, so let us make it easy for you!


Our multi-media presentation tools make it quick and easy to understand your project as it is being designed. Before construction starts, you will understand your project inside and out, so there will be few, if any, changes needed in the field. That means no high-pressure decisions while the contractor waits, few costly change orders, and smooth sailing through construction.

Integrated Architecture and Interior Design

The whole design comes together through our integrated design process. We design with furniture layouts in mind, to make sure everything fits, and we work with you to develop the materials pallette of your project along the way. You can be assured that professional designers are listening and paying detailed attention to your project at each step. And, when construction starts, selection of knobs, lights, and hardware will already be complete!


If you would like, we will bring the project meetings to you, on your schedule. Our technologies allow us to share project information face to face, through the mail, e-mail, or through online conferencing. Tired from your commute? Let’s meet online so you can be at home in your sweatpants with the kids in bed. We’ll communicate well with minimal impact on your schedule.

Partnering for Success

By building the Delivery Team early in the process, we establish strong relationships of professionals working for you: Designer, Contractor, and you, the Owner. Together, the Delivery Team’s expertise covers all your needs, including design, pricing, systems integration, material availability, phasing, and construction. Experience has shown us that successful projects come for close teamwork. Besides, we’ve found that it is more fun!

Let us show you how easy it can be!