Rademacher Letter

Catholic Church

February 6, 2004

Peter Schmelzer, Architect
101 Fifth Suite 203
Northfield, Mn. 55057

Dear Peter,

May this serve as a letter of support and recommendation in behalf of your recent move in becoming an independent architect. I have known Peter Schmelzer as an associate of SMSQ Architects of Northfield, Mn. As pastor of St. Catherine parish in Redwood Falls, Mn., during the years of 1995 to 2003, I had the privilege of working with the people of that parish in a 3.3 million dollar building project. It consisted of a worship space seating 600 people, a large gathering space, an eight room office area, several large classrooms and a fist class new kitchen.

Peter Schmelzer was assigned by his architectural firm, SMSQ, to walk with us in all phases of design and countless hours of coming to decisions after studying many options. Peter was with us from beginning to end.

In all of this, Peter shared his own wisdom and vision and was a “messenger” between our building committee and the main players of his architectural firm. He worked closely with his architect “back home.”

Peter is a man of strong principal, able to share his vision and at the same time is good in listening to the opinions, questions and wishes of his client. Many a meeting was spent with new ideas suggested by Peter; we were not always in agreement and often objected. Peter was able to lay out his rationale, not pushing us for a quick decision. He gave us information on visiting other buildings that may be helpful for us to envision and move beyond our own limitations and understandings. Most often we came back to the next meeting accepting his original suggestion and direction. He incorporated our ideas as well.

Peter was able to take us where we were and move us to a new level without alienating. He expected the contractors to do their task with precision according to specks. Together we arrived at a functional and very satisfying facility. Peter and his firm were able to blend together with the existing structure as well. People not knowing the lines of the original building can not tell the old from the new.

SMSQ Architects were the primary intellect and force behind the work that went into our wonderful facility of St. Catherine in Redwood Falls. Peter was an integral part of that total operation and now he has moved to become an independent architect. He has great potential and if I were in a position to seek services of an architect, Peter Schmelzer would be on the top of the list for consideration. He served us well. I wish him success in his future endeavors.

Sincerely yours,

Fr. Germain P. Rademacher
60297 402nd Ln.
New Ulm, MN. 56073
(retirement home)

507 359 5157