Other Testimonials

Rowhouse Interior Consultation

“I recently consulted with Peter and Mary Schmelzer as I prepared to purchase a rowhouse in the Grant Park complex of Minneapolis.

I had never built a home from scratch before, so I was very uncertain of the questions I should ask the builder and what my options were. Peter, Mary, and I spent two hours in their office discussing my options. We addressed appliances, lighting, placement of light switches and cable outlets, modifications to bathroom fixtures, shelving in closets, countertop options in the kitchen, tile and marble preferences for the bathrooms and a host of additional issues.

The next day I met with the builder’s interior design team to delineate what I wanted done to the interior spaces of my future home. It was a six hour meeting but thanks to VIVUS’s effort to educate me it was incredibly worth while and the resulting home is exactly what I wanted. All those little things, that make a home unique were accomplished by the builders and enabled me to move in without any need to modify a thing.

I could not have done it without Peter and Mary’s invaluable assistance. As a team, they are incomparable and uniquely qualified to help any home builder get the home of their dreams. “
–John W.

New Pool House

“I am so glad we hired a professional architect for our pool house. We really love the design and it was completed on such a short timeline! When we gave the plans to our builder, he said they were clear and understandable, and he had no questions. Construction has gone very smoothly.”
–Angela C.

New Home on Existing Foundations

“We love our home and tell everyone that VIVUS designed it. You transformed our fire-damaged home into ‘The Perfect Home’ for our family. Thank you, VIVUS.”
–Mary L.

Historic Home Addition

“…your recommendation to do a push-out on our house (instead of creating an attached “out-house”) was brilliant. We couldn’t be happier with the plan outcome…The most satisfied customers are the children who no longer have to fight over who gets to use the toilet first now that they have 2! They also love to help their mom cook on the lower counter under the old window…. anything less than what we’ve done would not have been worth the investment. Thanks so much.”
–Alice T.

Historic Home Addition and Remodeling

“… thank you for your part in inspiring me to do this project right. Sitting in my newly finished library I love having the light spilling from the window at the peak that was just barely squeezed in, by the quality of the windows and by the recent decision to go with something extra nice in meeting the code requirement for a barrier around the French patio door landing… ”
–Eric J.