Farmhouse Letter

“Peter and his wife Mary at Vivus Architecture were wonderful to work with.

We wanted to build a sustainable house on our farm that fit in with historical houses in the area. After several interviews, during which Peter listened and prompted us with questions and homework to learn our goals, interests, and living requirements, Peter brought back a wonderfully creative and forward-thinking plan. He was responsive to our comments in follow-up visits, resulting in a house plan that perfectly suited our desires and needs. Peter also did a fine job of helping to manage the building process with our contractor.

We have been living in the house for three years and love it – the house feels comfortable, usable, and is energy efficient, making use of energy-efficient construction and passive solar design. We constantly get comments from visitors that the house fits into the area well, looks like a farmhouse, but looks modern too – a great mix of the historical and the modern.”

David E.