Custom Homes, Truncated

January 22nd, 2009 by Peter Schmelzer

Our design services usually flow from the initial concept generation through development into drawings used for construction and through construction itself. Sometimes, however, our clients opt to work with a specific contractor for the construction drawings. In these cases, the contractor uses our initial concept and works with the homeowner to finalize the details and finish selections. This project followed that model.

The basic massing is true to our design, but many items have been changed since the project left our office. The big ideas still ring true and the owner is pleased with the progress. This shot shows the southwest corner of the home: solar domestic hot water panels will be installed on the roof. Large overhangs will provide shade from the summer sun, but will let the lower winter rays wash the interior.

Here you see the views through the home and the sunlight filling the space. This strategy makes the home feel larger than it is by allowing the eye to stretch out. The views to the south are truly beautiful, so we really wanted to make the most of them.

The home below was also built from a concept plan we prepared. In this case, a relative of the client completed the project.

Our role was to meet the client’s needs for home and office that blended into the existing farm yard. Visual simplicity was important, which went a long way toward holding the budget line.

I am delighted that our clients were able to achieve their goals with limited help from us. At the same time, my artistic side has trouble letting go of the vision that gave birth to these functional and beautiful forms. It is difficult to see the vision realized in part; that is a hazard of my chosen profession. These projects illustrate our primary goal: to serve the needs of our clients without letting our own desires get in the way.

We look forward to seeing our clients settle into their new homes; our true reward is your satisfaction.

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