Go Green

We are drawn toward multi-valent design solutions that enhance life, hence the name VIVUS.

It is a broad calling that we embrace, since it encompasses the lives of current and future generations, human and otherwise.

Such design goes by many names, including integrated, green, sustainable, earth-friendly, and energy-efficient.

Beyond names, we strive for collaborative, responsive balance in our work, including:

+ Beauty
+ Durability
+ Comfort
+ Occupant Wellness
+ Efficiency of Space
+ Functionality
+ Resource Efficiency
+ Energy Efficiency
+ Natural Lighting
+ Natural Ventilation
+ Response to Context
+ Appropriate Building Systems

To strike that balance, we
+ Commit ourselves to continuing education
+ Keep up with Green Building news, web logs, and literature
+ Practice sustainability in our own lives
+ Attend conferences about efficiency, sustainability, and renewable energy

We are aware that there is no perfect sustainable solution, but there are solutions that are more sustainable than others. Each project affords and is constrained by unique parameters. Within those parameters, we serve to guide you through the forest of options to a solution that fits.

For more about our interests in this area, we invite you to review our web log. In particular, Sustainability.