Home Plans

Do you need plans (“blueprints”) for your new home?

Recognizing that some people don’t need design work that starts from scratch, VIVUS now offers a plan-creation service.

Your home will be custom for you, with the layout and the look that you want, on your building site. When finished, your plans will allow you to get construction pricing, to secure a building permit, and to make all the selections that will go into the finished project. We work with you to provide a home that is exciting, functional, and attuned to your budget.

Additionally, if there are rooms or details you want to be customized (perhaps a custom-trimmed ceiling in a great room, or custom-made cabinetry and details in the kitchen) those services can be added to make your new home reflect your style and allow you to get accurate construction pricing for those more-detailed areas.

How do you get started?

1. Meet with VIVUS to discuss the scope of your project.
2. Bring any ideas and pictures that reflect the style or features that you want, and a copy of your lot survey.
3. Bring extensive notes on things such as your budget, square footage desired, number of bedrooms and garage stalls, design ideas, and other features you want included.
4. We will discuss a schedule for creating and reviewing your plans. Then a design agreement is signed and the design process begins!