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Master Plan Rendering

St. Ansgar's Lutheran Church

Welcome to St. Ansgar’s Lutheran Church Master Planning web resource!

31 August 2009: The elevator addition is now completed and functional. Landscaping has been finished. The project was a success, enabling all to use both floors of the church with easy access.

17 September 2008: Keeping with the Master Plan, the project scope has been reduced to suit the budget. The initial effort will include a new elevator, an accessible restroom in the lower level, and connection to city sewer and water services. Pricing is underway currently and construction will follow.

13 July 2008: Construction Bids have been received, but are a bit higher than previous contributions can cover. The Executive Council and the congregation at large remain committed to the Master Plan vision and have voted unanimously to continue to pray and raise contributions to tackle the first phase of the Master Plan.

20 February 2008: Design work continues for the first phase of realizing the Master Plan!

11 November 2007: VIVUS has been retained to develop the first construction phase of the Master Plan. This work will include the New Gathering Space; new Administrative Offices; New Bell Tower for the existing Bell; the Elevator; the Multi-Purpose Room; new Restroom; and the shell for the kitchen. The Fellowship Hall will be an add alternate along with finishing out the kitchen.

15 April 2007: The congregation voted unanimously to adopt the Master Plan and to begin a capital campaign! For more images, follow this link. There you will find additional renderings and computer images of the final Master Plan Design Concept.

Missed the 21 January 2007 Congregational Meeting? The results were unanimous: continue developing Concept 5, for a second presentation on 15 April 2007!

Here are some images of The Preferred Concept (click to enlarge.)
stans0602-c05-plan.jpg stans0602-c05-persp.jpg
Link to the whole presentation (Internet Explorer recommended;sorry, no audio): PowerPoint


Click here or on the card above to view Programming Cards. These cards were drawn during Listening Sessions attended by both VIVUS Architecture + Design and members of St. Ansgar’s. They contain information about the needs and desires of the congregation in an understandable, quickly reviewable format.

Click here to view Programming Cards that have been removed from the discussion, either because they are low-priority items or items that the Council can address outside of the Master Planning process.

Fresh Eyes Photos: Still images seen from the eye of a visitor.
Fresh Eyes – Basement Plan: Annotated observations of the lower level.
Fresh Eyes – First Floor Plan: Annotated observations of the main floor.

Follow this link to view the Program Document, which serves as the springboard for design studies: Master Plan Program Document