Following are some ideas you might consider before coming to see us. They will help us understand the important parameters of your project. Don’t worry: We will help flush these ideas out, so do what you can and we’ll work with you from there.

Do your financial homework

How much can you afford to spend on this project? Have you secured financing for that amount? Will the expenditure in the facility meet your goals as an investment (can you get your money back out?) Do you have reserves to cover design fees (which usually cannot be included in your mortgage?)

Gather your thoughts

Make a list of the things you want the building to do, be, and project.
How many people will the building house? Are their activities compatible?
Collect magazine clippings that inspire you.
Write down what you don’t want, if that is easier for you.
How long do you intend to occupy the new or improved building?
Are there any health concerns that ought to be addressed?
To what goals should the project aspire?
Are there site issues, such as noise, that need to be considered?

Assemble what information you have

Do you have a site plan or plans from the existing house?
Find out if the site has been surveyed and obtain a copy.
Do you know where the septic system is or when it was installed?
When was the roof last replaced?
Are there covenants restricting what you can do on the land?