The reality questions

What do I prefer:

Quality of space or quantity of space?
How much maintenance and upkeep am I willing to do and can I afford?
How long do I want to remain in this house?
What will happen when I am finished with it?
Do I have special collections or hobbies that need space?
Do I have a lot if I want to build a new home, or do I have enough space for an addition?
Do I know what my lot restrictions and neighborhood covenants are?
Do I currently own a lot that I want to build on?
Do I know how I want the house to be situated on the lot?
How concerned am I about energy costs and long-term operating costs?
Am I interested in sustainable design?
Energy efficiency? “Aging in Place?” Are there particular construction methods or design features that interest me?
The difficult questions:Do I know how much I want to spend on my project?
Do I know how I want to pay for design costs? Have I spoken with a lender to see that I qualify for the amount I want to spend?
Do I want to do some of the work myself to save money? Do I have the skills and the time to work on my own house?
Do I have the skills and time to coordinate the interior finishes?
How will my current furnishings fit/look in my new space?
How much time do I have available to be involved in planning a project?
Do I need someone to be my advocate through design, construction, and warranty phases?
Am I the one who will be the “go-to” for questions on design and construction?
Do I have a date in mind for the completion of construction?
Is there a contractor I have in mind for doing the construction?
Do I need help finding someone to be my contractor?What do I think is a reasonable amount of time to design and build my project?