Online Meeting

Part of our service is to help make design review meetings convenient. Face-to-face meetings are usually best, but demanding schedule and distance can make them difficult. That is why we offer online meetings with our clients.

Clients with broadband access can meet with us from the comfort of their home or office. While talking on the telephone, we can:

  • Review design concepts, images, and documents, and ideas
  • Make changes on the fly, real-time
  • Transfer files quickly and easily

The benefits of these meetings are multiple:

  • Reduced travel time for meetings
  • Reduce fuel use and associated emissions
  • Meet after hours (with no need for baby sitters!)
  • Meet when team members are in different locations (on the road, at different offices, or otherwise separated by distance)
  • Include contractors, suppliers, code officials, and others as needed
  • Spontaneous meetings are no problem!

To join in an online meeting, follow these steps:

1. Save this file to your Desktop: VIVUS Online Meeting Applet
2. Run the file.
3. Enter the meeting number and password given to you by VIVUS.

When your meeting is over,
1. Close the application.
2. Retain the meeting applet for reuse at your next online meeting.