Where can I buy BioDiesel?

May 1st, 2006 by Peter Schmelzer


I’m not as fringy as I thought. I think.

This map shows locations where retailers are selling biodiesel and biodiesel blended fuel across the nation. Look at them all! Minnesota alone has almost 80 stations offering biodiesel, including the Cannon Valley Coop on Highway 3 in Northfield. The map came from the National Biodiesel Board’s website. Click on it and you can get the specifics of each retailer, so you can plan your next autovacation on renewable fuel.

Perusing the list, most retailers are offering a 2-5% biodiesel blend, although a few offer 20% mixtures. The Northfield Biodiesel Buyers’ Club has filled its tank with B99, or a 99% biodiesel blend (apparently, if you sell B100, you don’t qualify for a tax credit.)

Check it out, and consider biodiesel! Maybe you’re not so fringy after all!


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