We are IN.

March 6th, 2008 by Peter Schmelzer

Tub in Place

And so is our clawfoot tub. More on that later…

With the help of family and friends, we made a major step toward moving into the house on Saturday. Special thanks to Jeanne, Carol, Bill, Mary Ellen, Sam, John and Jeanne for their help first in cleaning the new house, then in moving most of our stuff. Mary and I slept in the sun porch on Friday night on an air mattress, then in our new Master Bedroom on Saturday.

It was wonderful.

A door on a room has rarely meant more!

Back to the tub, which was actually installed on Wednesday. I like this picture because it makes the room look huge. Actually, the room feels large but is tight; I couldn’t have taken 4″ out of either dimension without dramatically impacting the sense of space. As you will notice is the photos that follow, my camera lens can’t capture the space without backing through a window!

Master Bathroom

Here is another shot, showing the toilet modestly tucked away behind the shower.

Master Medicine Cabinet

Vanity Cabinet

The master bath was the last to be painted due to the tile installation. The tile delayed the plumber, who delayed the painter, who delayed the electrician. So, we’re almost done with the bathroom. With luck, we may see the shower door and the electrician tomorrow. The vanity top will have to wait another week, since it couldn’t be fabricated until the cabinet was set, which had to be coordinated with the tile.

Thanks (and apologies) to the workers who have worked around our stuff this week. It is really great being home again, even with a few interior details remaining.

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