VIVUS visits Fred Sommers Studio in Nerstrand

November 23rd, 2005 by Peter Schmelzer


On Saturday, Mary and I visited the Nerstrand studios of Frederick Somers. What a treat!

Fred showed us around, telling us about his work; he truly is passionate about his painting.

It ranges from representational landscapes, to focused natural vignettes, to less representational images of leaves in water. My favorite is the latter, which captures a transitional period in the fall. As Avis explained, the moment to capture such images is very brief: the canopy needs to open up, to allow light to the water, yet there must still be sufficient color in the leaves to provide reflections.

The studio itself is a charming building. It was converted to a study and gallery from a grainery, with some of the original foundation and beams exposed in the studio. Ample windows invite guests in from the road with a celebratory blast of the colors of the art on the walls. The interior suits well the exterior; both are non-pretentious, clean, and sharp. Everything lends itself to a great experience: character, lighting, hospitality, and of course, art.

Thank you, Fred and Avis, for a wonderful afternoon.

Griff Wiggley shot some photos of our visit, including the one above, and posted them on Northfield.Org. Click here to take a look. Better yet, stop out at the studio and see it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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