Tiny houses

February 26th, 2015 by Mary Schmelzer

Have you been following the popularity of the tiny house movement? A few years ago, it entered the scene and people were seeing how very small a house could be built and still be occupied. Now there are many people who are willingly choosing to scale down their living quarters and the stuff they keep and store.

Whether you are trying to see how “small” you can live or not, thoughtful use of your space and the way it functions is always in style. I spoke with a couple last summer who built a house almost 20 years ago. They had a formal dining room included in the plans and built. During the time they lived there, they never used the dining room for its original intent. Yet, they paid the mortgage on it, insured, and heated/cooled that square footage for almost 20 years. What could that space or that investment been used for that would have brought more joy or more use? Could they have upgraded a different room? Could they have invested in other money-saving fixtures which would have been paying them back all along?

Good design isn’t just for looks. It’s meant to help you decide what you need, and what you won’t need for the long run, and to help you put your money where you want it. Unless, of course, you’d like a room that you only see when it’s time to dust it (ha!).

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