Third Street Progress

April 23rd, 2009 by Peter Schmelzer

Butler's Pantry

The first phase of this master plan is complete.

Above is the Butler’s Pantry, which replaced the existing bathroom and serves as a connection to the four-season porch. An existing bedroom was renovated for a new bathroom, as seen below.

Master Bathroom

The exterior was resided, reroofed and third-floor windows were replaced. A unique part of this project was adding an exterior hot tub to the third level. Creative structural design allowed us to safely accomplish the feat: the full tub weighs as much as a Volkswagen Beetle! The four-season porch finishes were undisturbed during this work, and the hot tub has been used frequently through the winter. It’s lofty perch affords privacy to the bathers and a wonderful view of the stars at night.

winkl0601-2009-04-22-004 Third Floor Hot Tub


The finished product looks good and the owners are pleased with the outcome.

The master plan was developed to convert the attic space into a new Master Suite, but that is being reconsidered. The unfinished attic now seems to be a better entertaining space, so a reconfiguration may be forth-coming.

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