Things are happening on Plum Street

February 6th, 2008 by Peter Schmelzer

Gable Work

It seemed to take 100 years for the drywall to go up and be taped then sanded, but it was only a week. Now, it seems that the flood gates have opened, and things are happening!

During the apparent lull, the contractors were shop-painting trim and siding. Here they are starting to finish the upper gable, and below they have it complete. Short of the final coat of paint, everything from the dripline up is finished!

Finished Gable

New door at Kitchen

This is a view from the new mudroom through the new doorway into the kitchen. We love the way you can see through the house. I don’t believe I could understate the improvement this door will be to the flow our our house. Previously, all traffic from the back yard and garage had to zigzag through the porch and stair landing (none too spacious) to arrive behind the window. That meant navigating two storm doors and an old entry door with each bag of groceries. While not the end of the world, it was a pain.

Rotten Rotty Rot

Matt has installed the new front door, but it’s too dark for a good photo now, so I’ll show you what he found in the wall. Yes, Rotten, rotty, rot. This had to be removed and I’m glad it’s gone. How did we discover this, you ask? As it turns out, the 2’8″ door we wanted to slip into the existing opening was ten weeks out (since it was a custom size.) The 3’0″ model was in stock, fit the budget better, and shipped in two weeks, so we had to widen the opening. That’s when the discovery began.

Mechanicals in place

And the mechanical equipment is being installed! From right to left are our air handler, energy recovery ventilator, boiler and water heater. The water heater is actually just an insulated storage tank.

The second floor has been primed and most of the rooms have their first coat of paint. Rumor has it the entry canopies are fabricated and ready to be installed. The hardwood flooring is acclimating in a stack on the Master Bedroom Floor, and the tile installation will be started next week.

That’s the report for today. We are excited to see finishes on site. Our target move-in date is 24 February. We’ll see how it goes.

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