The Tulikivi is In!

January 25th, 2006 by Peter Schmelzer

--Tulikivi Stove Photo--

Last weekend, we visited David and Laurie Hougen-Eitzman’s house to check out the new wood stove. I must say, that it looks great.

Tulikivi manufactures soapstone stoves designed to burn very hot (and therefore very clean), to store the heat of combustion in the mass of the stone, then to radiate it into the space gradually thru time. Even though it burns so hot, you can put your hand on the stone. The kids immediately gravitated to the stove, leaning against it. Confession: I wanted to do the same.

The heat radiated by the stove was wonderful, and you could press right up against it if you needed more warmth. Likewise, you could back off when you had had enough. And the stone just begged to be touched; it is soft and soapy feeling.

Below is the main firebox, which sports vision glass on both sides. Above, on the kitchen side, is the bake oven, coveted by David for artisan bread and pizza making. We left before the food was ready, and I haven’t yet heard how the inaugural baking went. I’ll keep you posted.

I posted two more images in our gallery. Take a look!

The stove meets many needs in one blow: Heat, beauty, food preparation, sustainability, spatial definition, focal point, energy efficiency, and a place to gather. There is an efficiency here in meeting multiple needs with minimal resources that is truly great. Thinking it through, an average house might achieve the same with a furnace, an oven, a sculpture or painting, and a gas fireplace, without addressing sustainability nor energy efficiency nor achieving similar aesthetics!

The stove was provided by Woodland Stoves & Fireplaces of Minneapolis.

Painting is underway, hence all the masking paper and plastic. More as construction continues…

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