The Surprise in the Closet

February 26th, 2008 by Mary Schmelzer

The Surprise in the Closet

For a fun change, we had the inside of our daughter’s closet painted a crimson red. The color is used elsewhere, so we didn’t have to order another custom paint mix. She chose the room color of her previous bedroom (which is now an office) since she liked it so well. The closet is the perfect place to paint a fun, upbeat color that may become tiresome if it was a whole room. The yellow of the walls and the crimson of the closet work well together.

We chose to select our color palette right away instead of painting everything a neutral white and then painting again some other time. It is far easier to have the painter come in with a sprayer and paint all walls and ceilings the same (this is typical for production housing) but we knew it would be years before we got back around to painting again.

“Grand Canyon” bedroom

This is the bedroom across the hallway. It has beautiful south and west daylight from two windows. Part of the rationale for color choice was also the color of the trim work. Mark Schad, our painter, has been doing a very careful job with painting all the trim and we wanted the wall colors to show off the trim to its best advantage. Using pale colors may have been “safer” but as a color addict, various shades of white wasn’t going to work for me. As you can see, the final coat isn’t on the walls yet–perhaps today. One of the added benefits of this color is the way it pulls the color out of the wood floors. Together they just glow. (I’ll post a photo when the floors are unpapered and finished.)

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