T-7 days and counting at Plum Street

February 18th, 2008 by Peter Schmelzer

Tile closeup

It is amazing how much can get done in a week, but it looks to me like the remaining work on Plum Street won’t all be done by 24 February, the day our contract says the work will be substantially complete (when we can again occupy the house.) I have been proven wrong in the past, though, and hope for it to happen again. Much has happened since our last post!

Tubes in the concrete

Last Thursday, the Mudroom floor received sand, insulation and tubes for radiant floor heat. The copper tube encloses the temperature sensor for the thermostat.

Valentine’s Day Slab

Then, like the true romantic that I am, I bought my wife wet concrete for Valentine’s Day.

Window trim

Floor and wall tile installation began, too. Since this photo was taken, the vanity was set in place so we can get the countertop made and installed.

Window Trim

I believe the most visually rewarding development was the installation of window trim. This award may be usurped by the installation of baseboards, which started this morning as the last of the windows and doors are being trimmed. It looks great.

We added a smidge of sweat equity to the project this weekend: sweeping, cleaning and a bit of re-painting where touch-up was needed. Thanks to Robert and Julia who came to visit and help! Actually, we have been sweeping and picking up around the project all along to help minimize costs. We can do this work after the contractors finish each day; that way we stay out of their way and allow them to be most productive while on site. Personally, I find it a great way to stay in touch with the project and spend time thinking about how things are coming together (besides getting some quiet alone time!)

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