Solstice means planning for fall construction

June 22nd, 2010 by Peter Schmelzer

Every summer when the days start getting shorter, I am reminded of the passing of time. Summer won’t last forever, then we’ll drift into the warm and earthy colors of fall before we are plunged again into winter.

We northerners want to get our construction projects enclosed before then, to save money on temporary heat, frost removal, snow removal, and temporary enclosures. Summer Solstice means four to five months, hopefully, before serious snowfall. If you haven’t started planning your addition or remodeling and hope to beat the winter weather, now is the time!

Summertime planning with a September construction start will usually wrap up your building’s exterior for the winter, allowing time during the chilly months for interior finishing and occupancy. Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate Christmas in your new addition?

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