Small Addition, Large Impact

July 23rd, 2010 by Peter Schmelzer

Here is another case of a little addition that accomplishes big things for the homeowner.

This historic home needed a list of improvements on the first floor: an updated kitchen, dining area, laundry area, three-quarter bath, and a back entry that fits the architecture. It also came with a list of challenges: limited site area, finished space above (hinders plumbing routes), and a limited budget.

Our solution added only about 100 square feet of heated space, plus an entry porch. Through creative use of space and spatial definition strategies, we added everything on the owner’s wish list, plus a tiled entry and closet. The owner is very pleased with the results. Here is part of an e-mail I received from them last week:

I’ll have to add that {we} are absolutely delighted with your vision of what could happen in an addition. We keep chuckling about the fact that we came close to having an attached outhouse and now we has a lovely kitchen, laundry area and bath.

Small, carefully planned additions can help your house fit better without breaking the bank. We can help with vision and implementation, and we welcome your call.

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3 Responses to “Small Addition, Large Impact”

  1. Tracy Davis Says:

    Thanks for sharing your work – I love seeing how “small” projects can have a large impact on quality of life and convenience.

  2. Betsey Buckheit Says:

    I agree with Tracy – well designed small changes can indeed have high impact. Of course, your addition for our house added few square feet, but much efficiency, convenience, and just plain cool space. Thanks, Peter.

  3. Peter Schmelzer Says:

    Thank you, Betsey!