Second Floor–Going Up!

November 18th, 2007 by Mary Schmelzer

Sheathing on the second floor walls

Now our second floor walls have the OSB sheathing. They’ve covered up the framed-in windows. This is to keep the weather out as long as possible. It certainly has a cubist look to it without a sense of roof shape, windows or other detailing.

Tyvek going on

On the north side (right in the photo) you can see the Tyvek house wrap going over the sheathing. It was fun to watch them apply it: they had a man stand on the lift and unroll the Tyvek while the driver guided the platform along the side of the house and at a level with the second floor.

It is interesting to now get a feel for the volume the complete second floor provides. Will the house be taller? Yes, definitely. Will it be the tallest in the neighborhood? No, the two across the street will still be taller. Much of the roof structure will be hidden when the trees are leafed out, but now is a good time to see the form of the roof as it starts getting built.

Gary and Matt have put their sign in the window so if you drive by, you’ll know which house is being worked on!

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