Screen Porch Addition Going Quickly

June 19th, 2007 by Peter Schmelzer

Screen porch construction underway

Since my last post on this project, things have really come together. The roof and walls are in place, and siding and trim are coming together quickly.

With this addition, the existing windows prevented a steep-slope roof on the addition. Instead, the design takes its cues from some of the neighboring houses while maintaining integrity with the spirit of the house. Colors, materials and textures all blend closely with the home, while the form adopts the Asian influences of the surrounding architectural context. The interior of the porch is lofty and airy, providing a slow spatial compression as a visitor moves into the house. The wide steps and deck will serve as seating and display for potted plant arrangements. A patio is planned at the foot of the steps.

Screen Porch design

Todd Lebens has done a nice job working through the details on the project, including the exposed beam ends as shown here.

Cross-ventilation provided by large screens also will provide good views.

The porch attaches to the house through a modest Mud Room and Storage addition, which shows to the left of the photo. The large screen panels provide wonderful cross-ventilation and light to the porch. The Owner has plans for landscaping gardens all around the porch.

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