Replaced a Hog with a Coupe

December 15th, 2006 by Peter Schmelzer


If you think this post is about vehicles, you’re going to be disappointed but I’ll do what I can.

Last night Mary and I replaced the old water-hog toilet in our house with a new, water-efficient model.

It installed just like other toilets and sports a small tank and deep bowl. On the tank lid are two buttons that activate the dual-flush mechanism that makes it so efficient. Compared to the SUV-like old toilet, which blasted through 3.0 gallons per flush, the new unit is like a Prius, using only 0.8 gallons for liquid waste and 1.6 gallons for solid waste (or as the Sterling website suggests, “bulk” waste; hm, let’s avoid further discussion there…)

We are pleased with how quiet the unit is and have so far been impressed with its functionality, even when I tried the liquid button for “bulk” waste which it handled without a problem.

This is an example of how we can use our well-developed technologies to minimize the resources we consume. Too often in the past, we have use technology to generate more, but not necessarily better, technologies. I hope you will join us in the search for and application of technologies that are well-conceived and make a difference.

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