Reconstruction in the War Zone to Begin

November 14th, 2007 by Mary Schmelzer

Preparing for framing the new second floor

By the end of today we should see some framing going up at our own house. The porch had to have a new north wall (which now will be the wall between the mudroom and “porch”) since the old one was too bowed to salvage. The crew has also started preparing for the floor joists above.

New wall needed

Preparing for the floor joists

The whole driveway is covered in roof trusses, floor joists and lumber. It will be interesting to watch the lumber piles shrink and the walls and roof grow. The roof framing plan we drew allowed the truss manufacturer to make them in the factory and ship them assembled. It is a big time savings for the framing crew to have them premade and ready to set, especially since the roof has been removed over finished ceilings below and we don’t want them to get rained on.

Land of Lumber

The roof is not a typical hip style roof and it will be interesting to see the pieces go together. The 3D model we created with our computer design software allowed us to modify it until the proportions were right and we were able to see the final massing (volume relationships) before it was built. We’re looking forward to seeing it go up.

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