Cub Scouts report Raptor sighting at St. Dominic’s

April 19th, 2006 by Peter Schmelzer

Cub Scout Pack 300 hosted the University of Minnesota Raptor Center last week at St. Dominic Church’s O’Gara Social Hall. About 80 boys, parents, and siblings from Packs 313, 300, and 344 came together to see and learn about raptors and to see them up close.

2006 District Derby 012.jpg

2006 Raptors 013.jpg

Micah did a great job of showing us a peregrin falcon, a red-tail hawk, a great horned owl, and a bald eagle. For each bird, he told us about the species and the particular bird, then fielded questions.

Then, one of our Weblos volunteered to illustrate the biological adaptions of the great horned owl. Note the large eyes, the scooped feathers around the ears, and the numerous vertebrae (symbolized by the necklace beads!)

2006 Raptors 010.jpg

The evening was fun and informative for everyone, and is a great example of the kind of things Cub Scouts get to do. Join us!

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