Plum Street Moving Along

January 25th, 2008 by Peter Schmelzer

Insulation and Tub in Place

Things are coming along well on Plum Street.

Plumbing and electrical rough-ins are complete. The kids’ bathtub is in place and the insulation has passed inspection.

The insulation went smoothly for the most part. We paid extra to have a the insulator coat the ductwork with foam to minimze heat loss. Unfortunately, our inspection revealed that they only foamed the visible side of the ducts, not the whole duct perimeter. We caught this before the cellulose went on top and called them right away, so they were able to finish the foam correctly then get the cellulose in place.

Existing stair remodel

Existing conditions often create some head-scratchers. Here is our stair to the second level. The walls are 1″ out of plumb within six vertical feet. It will look fine when it is finished due to a combination of clever detailing and good craftsmanship by the Contractor. This had to be worked out on site, when the actual condition of the underlying walls was knowable.

Drywall will be completed either Saturday or Monday. This week we met with the cabinetmaker, the tile installer, the shower door supplier, and the hardwood floor installer to keep the balls rolling.

Yesterday marked one month to our desired move-back-in date, so there is much left to be coordinated. We remain optimistic as we see more and more being completed.

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