Online Conferencing: Quick, Easy Impromptu Meetings

November 28th, 2005 by Peter Schmelzer

VIVUS has a new tool to make our communication even better!

So far, we have hosted four meetings with clients located in different locations and looked at works-in-progress online, and it is working great.

One client was on his lunch break in Minneapolis, and we were able to review plans for his addition together. We spoke over the phone while viewing the addition simultaneously in three-dimensions and floor plans. Another couple put their kids to bed in St. Louis Park, then called us for an evening review meeting. This time we annotated the plans together, making changes as we went. We also hooked up with a client in Minneapolis and his pajama-clad fiance in Berlin, Germany for a long-distance collaboration; from Germany, she was able to draw in new walls and add windows where she thought they should be!

We hope this new technology will help us help our clients feel comfortable with the designs, get us on the same page quicker, and save money in the process.

A quick calculation: These four meetings saved our clients and us 28 hours of travel time, and each meeting lasted, on average, less than an hour. While heavily weighted by Germany, the time, mileage and convenience value is undeniable.

VIVUS will continue to pursue technologies that allow us to better serve our clients in every way possible.

Thanks, Paul, for the artful image above.

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