On the Boards: Poolhouse

July 5th, 2006 by Peter Schmelzer


Sometimes it seems like projects take a long time to be built after they leave our office, for a variety of reasons. So, today I thought I’d post a recent project Mary and I have just finished designing: a poolhouse in Credit River.

Designed to take its cues from the existing home, it will blend well into it’s context. The high gable houses the Great Room, combining dining, kitchen, and a sitting area. Plentiful walls of glass connect it strongly to the pool and the woods around it (which we didn’t model, as you can tell!). The shower and bathroom benefit from south-facing translucent wall panels for natural daylighting. I like how the building “reads” from the outside; guests will know where to shower before crossing the threshold! I also feel like we achieved an unpretentious simplicity of form that is both engaging and understated.

Despite plenty of doors, translucent walls and windows, the building performs roughly 7% better than code requirements for energy use. Given the usage patterns of the building, I’m sure it will perform even better (seasonal and occasional usage as opposed to the full-time home the code assumes). This is important to us as well.

The footings and foundations will be poured this fall, with the remaining construction in the spring.

Our client is delighted with the design, too, and anxious for its completion.

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