Northfield Sun Porch: Looking forward to Spring!

March 7th, 2006 by Peter Schmelzer

SunPorch Elev

This spring will offer the first opportunity to plant the beds surrounding a recent sun porch addition in Northfield.

The porch addition replaces an existing deck, which our client found unusable because of the strong south sun, stiff winds, and the ubiquitous mosquito. The most significant design challenge was to create a great space that fit the lines of the existing home, while handling a unique rainwater management problem. The inside corner of the deck was the location of a downspout, and that inside corner was to become the inside corner of the new sun porch.

Phil Olson of Northfield Construction saw the challenge and recommended that the client get in touch with us. (Thank you, Phil!)

After listening to the client’s design ideas and input, we developed a roof form that complements the home while solving the water problem. This involved creating the computer model of the existing home, modeling the proposed addition, and studies of various window configurations. All the way, the client liked being able to see in three dimensions the impact of a change. In parallel, Mary worked with interior colors and Kathleen Sakry, a decorative painter (952-892-3345), to fine tune the interior design of the whole house.

Then, after we completed detailed drawings for the project, we worked with Phil and Northfield Construction to manage project costs in conjuction with design ideas. They did a great job helping us understand the cost and construction implications of various choices and kept the project within reach. They also did a nice job translating the design into reality.

When the project was mostly constructed, Doug Grove of Grove Landscaping came in to handle the retaining walls, exterior stairs and planters, which look great.

We look forward to seeing the first blooms of spring to add icing to this successful collaboration!

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