Low Interest Loans to Fix-up your Home!

August 11th, 2005 by Peter Schmelzer

VIVUS Architecture + Design can help you design your next home improvement to tailor your house to your lifestyle. Funding for the work can come from a variety of sources. Thanks to Travis Nettum (507-645-4418) of Premier Bank Minnesota for telling us about this possible source:

The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency works with local lenders to provide low-interest loans for modest ($35,ooo or less) Home Improvements, Energy Efficiency Upgrades, and Accessibility Upgrades.
The loans are below-market fixed-interest rate loans, with no downpayment or early-payoff penalty. There are some requirements for the loans about which Travis will be able to tell you more.

Who knows, these loans may be the right way to make your home improvement idea fit your budget!

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