LEED House Design Underway near Northfield

December 11th, 2008 by Peter Schmelzer
LEED-H House

We’ve got a good start on the design of a new home outside of Northfield. This is an exciting project for us for several reasons.

On the macro scale, it is the first house in a new conservation development. The development features enhanced wetlands, native landscaping, community trails, natural common spaces, pervious pavements, onsite renewable energy, community septic system, smaller lots, and a community geothermal heating and cooling system. No fossil fuels will be required for the operation of the development nor the homes in them (unless a homeowner decides on a gas appliance or vehicle.)

On a micro scale, the house will be LEED certified; the actual target is Platinum, and we meet with a LEED-H provider on Monday. This home will be the poster child for the architectural vision of the development:
– Historically sympathetic modern home design
– Architectural design on all sides
– Energy efficient design
– Emphasis on sustainable and renewable materials
– Front porches to foster stronger community
– Smaller homes on smaller lots, allowing larger green community spaces (over 65 acres)
– Native and low-water-use landscaping
– Rainwater harvesting and reuse

Stay tuned as the project develops further!

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