Labyrinths, Mazes and Whole Living

July 6th, 2006 by Peter Schmelzer


Last week, Mary and I met William Frost and his partner Quiana. William has an interesting history, including studies as a landscape architect, a creativity consultant, and his latest gig: designing and installing mazes and labyrinths. The Butterfly Peace Path is one of them.

Like you might guess, it is a butterfly-shaped path installed at Clear Springs Elementary school in Minnetonka. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation; the labyrinth is an ancient tool toward balance and inner peace. How appropriate for an International Peace Site!

We found our visit with William to be interesting, engaging and inspiring. He can be reached through his website, or 612-940-0257.

On a related note, Quiana gave us a copy of the first edition of the Whole Living Directory. From its inside cover:

This directory was created out of a desire to foster a sense of community amongst those involed in the whole living arts…to promote greater awareness of the worderful services available in this community and to help make them more readily available to those interested in whole living.

In August 2006, they plan for an online directory at

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