I have passed the Blue and Gold Baton

March 14th, 2007 by Peter Schmelzer

--Cub Scouts at Camp Phillippo

Here’s a shot of three happy Cub Scouts and their dads at last summer’s outing near Cannon Falls. I’m the guy on the left, saluting.

I’ve passed the Pack 300 Cub Master Baton to Brad Gross, the dad standing next to me. After two years as Cub Master, it was time for me to step back and let fresh blood take the reins. The Pack will still be in good hands! Chris Thurin is the Pack Committee Chair (not shown) and John Langan (the dad on the right) is both Membership Chair and Assistant Committee Chair.

Passing the baton doesn’t mean I’m done with Scouting. On the contrary! I’ll become trained as a Pack Trainer, so I can help the new and existing leaders learn how to better and easier fill their roles. Cub Scouting works by the volunteer efforts of parents and supporters. Effective programs have trained volunteers working together, hence the shift of my role.

So, I’ll still be available to answer your call about Cub Scouting in Northfield. And here’s a link to the Pack website!

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