Hougen-Eitzman Residence nearing completion

December 9th, 2005 by Peter Schmelzer

Here are some shots of a recent visit to the Hougen-Eitzman residence in Nerstrand; we were blessed with sunshine and a gorgeous sky, despite the near-zero-degree temperatures. The insulation was done, so very little heat was needed to keep the drywallers warm and happy. It will be a little while until the thermal mass of the slab is warmed through, then the space should stay warm and comfortable with very little fuel.

I’ve shown some images of our computer model to give and idea what the finished house should look like on the interior, for your interest.

--Hardi Panel siding with battens--
East elevation

--Loewen windows with overhangs to let the sunshine in --
View from SW

Model view from Entry to Kitchen

Photo from Entry to Kitchen

Photo down to Great Room

Model view down to Great Room

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