Home Purchase Consultation in Mankato, MN

May 13th, 2009 by Peter Schmelzer

We are available to help you make choices about buying a home.

Recently, we provided just such a service for a client moving to Mankato, Minnesota.

They were seeking a universally accessible home, including adding an elevator, among other requirements. Through a local realtor, the field was limited to two homes. Mary and I met our clients on site at both homes and listened to their thoughts while walking through each home. Afterward, we discussed our professional opinions of each house, its possibilities, and its potential liabilities relative to the stated budget.

One house sat on a tight lot and would require substantial interior remodeling along with an elevator addition. Hallways were too narrow and the bathroom would require a complete makeover. Also, the owner wished to remodel the kitchen, occupy an unfinished basement, and consider exterior appearance upgrades. The other house seemed to be a better fit. It required very little interior remodeling and had ample space for an addition. The basement was already finished, so both the project budget and timeline could likely be met. However, this site faced annexation costs in a few years and an immediate septic system upgrade.

Upon our recommendation, our client opted to pursue the second house and to look into the details of annexation and septic upgrades.

Unfortunately, the costs of the septic system upgrades were too high to be feasible.

The realtor was able to find another house that met the basic criteria, so we studied that home, too. Upon review with the owner, we determined that an interior elevator shaft addition would be the best value. We provided some preliminary review of the options for the elevator location, discussion of ease and cost of desired remodeling features, and agreed that, in the end, this is probably the right house for our client. Adding a three-stop elevator would allow complete accessibility to the garage and both levels. While more expensive, this possibility will greatly enhance the year-round accessibility of this home.

Currently, they are working on an offer to purchase the home. They commented on their comfort level making the offer, knowing that their needs can be met; confident that the modifications and purchase will be less costly than starting from scratch; and informed of several possibilities to make the house a home over the next few years.

This was all done without drawing a line. When the offer is accepted, we will begin drawings to fit the elevator into the existing home.

We would be honored to assist you with your housing decisions, whether adding, buying or building.

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