Fremont Circle Progress Reports

January 25th, 2008 by Peter Schmelzer

Fremont Circle Addition Exterior

The addition has been enclosed, just in time for the cold snap. Here you see the northwest corner of the addition, with windows in place. The cedar detail at the floor line will add a nice balance to the exterior.

Interior work

Here is a look at the interior progress. The ceiling framing actually forms a display shelf in the existing space. I was on site to help decide the right depth of the shelf, an adjustment that is best made in the round instead of on paper. In this case, we did decide to stick with what we had already drawn.

Site visits are also a time when we can work with the Contractor to make adjustments when they are easy to make. We nudged the locations of two electrical outlets and discussed the floor outlet location; also, we went over what will happen for lighting. This sort of conversation helps keep the project heading in the right direction. It’s a whole lot more effective to make frequent minor course corrections than have to make one major correction down the river.

Sheetrock will be hung soon and the insulation will be completed. Art glass windows are in the works, as are custom wood window blinds. Stay tuned!

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