Electro-Magnetism and your health

September 12th, 2005 by Peter Schmelzer

Northfield blogger Carol Overland offers the following:

Sarah-Kate Templeton, Medical Correspondent

A GOVERNMENT agency has acknowledged for the first time that people can suffer nausea, headaches and muscle pains when exposed to electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, electricity pylons and computer screens.

The condition known as electrosensitivity, a heightened reaction to electrical energy, will be recognised as a physical impairment.

A report by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), to be published next month, will state that increasing numbers of British people are suffering from the syndrome. While the total figure is not known, thousands are believed to be affected to some extent.

Click here for the whole Times report or here to link to Carol’s blog.

This is interesting because electromagnetic fields surround all the electrical wires hidden in the walls of your home and office. It may be a good idea to carefully consider placement of wires and outlets near the headboard in your master bedroom or other rooms in which you spend a significant amount of time.

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