Economic Benefits of Sustainably Designed Buildings

July 6th, 2007 by Peter Schmelzer

Flowers blooming in Minnesota’s Summer

The lastest from InformeDesign, a service of the University of Minnesota, had a quotable summary of sustainable buildings:

“Sustainable buildings have aided the strategic performance of companies in retaining employees, reducing absenteeism, promoting the organization’s image, improving organizational productivity, and reducing building operating costs.”

Although this statement focuses on the economics of workplaces, we believe similar advantages can be achieved for other building types as well, including residences and places of worship. Wrapped in the efficiencies above are attributes of space with which people thrive, including access to daylight and views; thermal comfort; proper ventilation; connection to the outdoors; and direct experience of the daily path of the sun.

The basic formula is this: architecture than enhances life enhances your bottom line.

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