Diary of a Remodeling Project

October 1st, 2007 by Mary Schmelzer

We are starting a new blog topic about our own remodeling project. Follow along and see the twists and turns we are sure to encounter on the way to a new, improved home! Feel free to send questions or comments on the “diary.”

Diary of a Remodeling Project: Should we Stay or Go?

After several years of wishing and dreaming, months of designing, and weeks of planning, we are going to begin a substantial remodeling project on our own house. Please keep checking in because we intend to blog on many different topics—all which can educate anyone who is planning their own project.

We wanted to start our project in the way many of our clients start theirs: research. Last year we began with touring a few homes in our area that were in the price range we thought we would reach after we invested in our remodel. We soon learned these things:

1. We really like our lot, our neighborhood and our town
2. We enjoy the proximity we have to school, church and friends
3. Most of the other houses in our price range also needed major rejuvenations or didn’t have the basic amenities we want
4. Moving is not inexpensive: relocation, moving of possessions and the stress really add up
5. We have a great rate on our remaining mortgage and most likely wouldn’t be able to get equivalent financing
6. Kids don’t like major upheavals and uncertainty.

So, we decided to modify our home. At least we knew who to use for the design work!

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