Defeat of Jesse James 2007

September 13th, 2007 by Peter Schmelzer

Colorful Day in Downtown Northfield, MN

Bridge Square was full of color and life during the 2007 Defeat of Jesse James Days. This is a fun time for all, with amusement rides, carnival food, re-enactments of The Defeat, and a variety of other activities. Following are some pics from my perspective.

Joe Hollinger and Tim Morisette
Behind the scenes at the Knights of Columbus Food Wagon: Joe Hollinger and Tim Morisette

Dan Freeman
Dan Freeman tells it as it was.

The anxious crowd awaits the James Gang as the reenactment begins!

Local architect and air traffic controller take to the streets for the 30-mile Jesse James Bike Ride.

Gunplay cracks when the raid goes wrong. I think this is JB Dudley…

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