Decorating with Shoes

August 13th, 2014 by Mary Schmelzer

I saw a very interesting blog post today that suggested displaying your beautiful shoes instead of just hiding them in the closet. I don’t think I’m disciplined enough to hang my shoes up, but it may be a good solution for others.

People are focusing more on customized storage space, especially for clothing and accessories. There are some real benefits to having your clothing organized:
1. It’s easier to get dressed if you know where everything is. Looking for that special shirt in the guest room closet (or did it go to out-of-season storage??) can be frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry to get to work, school, or a special event.

2. Clothes last longer. If your clothes and accessories have proper storage, they will last longer. Sweaters hung on hangers to save space can sag out. Shoes that are kicked into a pile get scuffed and squashed out of shape.

3. Seeing what you have keeps you from buying the same thing over and over. Seeing all those black shoes together may keep you from buying another pair in essentially the same style. Being able to see potential outfits (“this shirt can go with these pants, this tie would work with this shirt,” etc.) helps you create new combinations from what you already own. An investment in storage may pay for itself in reduced clothing costs.

4. Being organized feels good. Knowing that your closet contents aren’t going to topple whenever you open the door is a good feeling. It is also easier to put away clean laundry if it has a place to go and doesn’t need to be jammed into a too-tight space. We change our clothes every day (sometimes several times) so it makes sense for the routine to be pleasant.

This dressing room was built for the “her” half of a couple. The husband had his own dressing space as well, and they shared a master bathroom. They opted for a smaller bedroom to allow for the dressing and storage spaces.

Custom cabinetry and accessories made the most of clothes and bedding storage.

Custom cabinetry and accessories made the most of clothes and bedding storage.

Custom shoe roll-out drawers, a jewelry drawer with a soft lining, a small vanity area for make-up, and hanging rods at different heights made the dressing room organized and a joy to get dressed in.

A number of companies have stock components that can be used for dressing rooms and clothing storage. Check out Ballard Designs for some ideas.

Whether your clothes space is huge or tiny, organized storage of your clothing can make your life smoother and more pleasant.

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