Cubs and Cops

January 9th, 2008 by Peter Schmelzer

Bear Den with Northfield Peace Officers

Although my tenure as Cubmaster for Cub Scout Pack 300 has ended, I remain involved as a Committee Member and a scout parent.

Late in November, local peace officers visited the Bear Den. Topics of conversation included safety, what to do in an emergency, what information a witness might provide the Police, the role of the Police in the community, and all the gadgets on their belts (my personal favorite.)

This is one way in which Scouting grooms our boys to be good citizens, understanding the role of government around them and learning how they can help.

As a parent, it is interesting to learn more about my boys (and the other dads’ sons) through these activities. Attraction to tazers seems to be a universal boy thing, at least in the Bear Den. Some boys are very verbal, describing in detail which characteristics of a car or person would make a good description. Others are more hands-on, acting out how they think a baton might be used. One of the activities we did as part of the meeting was to cast a plaster footprint, like a detective might do upon finding a print in the sand at a crime scene.

For more on Pack 300, see The Pinewood Derby, a perennial favorite, is coming up next week!

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