Cosmic Convergence

January 28th, 2010 by Mary Schmelzer
Union Street kitchen with "Cosmic Spots" tile

We were thrilled to get the new Clay Squared to Infinity catalog in the mail yesterday and to find the Union Street project we designed on the inside cover. It’s a whole new feeling of personal satisfaction and joy to see a past project published. We hope the owners feel the same way and are excited about their project all over again. The “Cosmic” line of tile perfectly converged with the design of the kitchen.

This was not a big kitchen, but it had a lot of owner-driven detail: extra-deep cabinetry, a storage ledge, big windows/views, durable counters and clean lines. It also needed to be a work horse and easy to clean for a serious cook.

It was a fun and interesting project with a challenge: how do you add a kitchen and mudroom to a bungalow, not increase the footprint by much, make every inch count, and ….oh yeah…add a green roof? You can see other photos of the exterior and roof here.

We think the tile really complements the kitchen: functional, fun, and bright. Often times when we design the space, we leave areas like this backsplash available for personal touches. To set a plain white tile or just paint would have been a missed opportunity and we are thrilled with how the tile has become a focal point. Working with artists and other suppliers, we can help your project go from good to out of this world!

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