Community First

August 8th, 2005 by Peter Schmelzer

Thanks to Roger Kelm for tipping us off to “Community First”.

Community First is a grassroots organization from Naperville, Illinois, that saw the ineffective tangle of legislation that tried to control development and came up with a better way. They created a workbook to guide homeowners and builders toward homes that fit their context.

We have ordered a copy of the workbook, since it seems that this might be a good model to pursue for the areas of Northfield that are adjacent to, but not in, the current historical district.

In general, we think most of us agree about what is or isn’t good design. We can tell when we see it, which often comes too late! After construction is not the time to realize the design could have been better. This workbook seems to fit our idea that well-informed design can create better, more liveable space, and fit your budget.

Our hope would be that these ideas could inform and improve the new developments that are springing up around Northfield as well.

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