Camp Akela was Great!

July 26th, 2006 by Peter Schmelzer

Boys excited to go camping!

These guys were really excited on Friday afternoon as we set off for Camp Phillippo Scout Reservation near Cannon Falls. This was their first campout as a group, and they were ready! Camp Akela is a weekend long camp for Cub Scouts, in which they get to try their hand at a variety of activities and skills.

Our Tent at Akela

Just short of luxurious, we slept in canvas tents on wood platforms. There was also a convenient picnic table that worked great for this self-timed photo. We were blessed with blue skies most of the time, with a brief sprinkle Saturday morning to remind us how blessed we were. And I only slapped 3 mosquitos the whole weekend!

Making a paddle boat

Cub Scouting is really fun for the kids and their adult partners, and we sneak in teaching skills and building character when the boys are distracted. Here we are building a paddle boat for a race (woodworking skills, patience and perseverance).

Pony Rides

And the boys rode ponies, fed geese, saw two young calves, peeked in on some bats, and learned about rabies (and what to do if an animal is acting crazy).


A personal favorite of mine is archery. The boys shared my enthusiasm as they learned proper form and let the arrows fly. Of course, they were learning confidence, safety, and motor skills. The boys also shot BB guns, which they may have liked even more than archery.

Fishing with a hand line

The fish weren’t too interested, but we also had fun trying our hand at hand-line fishing. I love this photo; doesn’t he look like he belongs in that environment?

The camp staff did a fine job of welcoming the boys and keeping they enthused throughout the weekend. We also swam, ate well, played ultimate frisbee, sang, and did skits. The boys fulfilled many requirements for their advancement to the next rank, too.

If your son in first through fifth grade might be interested in having a blast with Cub Scout Pack 300, give me a call! 507-645-9020

Side note: While at camp, I couldn’t help but think of and pray for Don Starr, a local Scouter and architect who passed away last week. Blessings to Don and his family.

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