Boy Scout Troop 313 provides service on Memorial Day

May 26th, 2009 by Peter Schmelzer


Boy Scout Troop 313 was up early on Memorial Day. At 7:30am, the Troop met to make sure the band had a place to sit. The boys distributed flyers to attendees, then participated in the ceremony itself. Afterward, the chairs were returned to their starting place at the VFW.

Griff Wigley gets the photo credits: and here is a link to his Locally Grown post. Thanks, Griff.

I noted Griff’s observation that the Scouts performed with solemnity during the ceremony. This was the first time many of these Scouts participated, and I was proud of them as their Scoutmaster. Through service, the boys learn what it means to be community and to contribute to the greater good. Mayor Rossing’s call to service was especially appropriate as these young men observed and honored the sacrifices of our veterans.

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