ArTech Remodeling ready for Back 2 School

August 23rd, 2007 by Peter Schmelzer

ArTech Remodeled Advisories

During early summer, we worked with ArTech administration and staff to plan for improvements to the Advisories. Advisories are kind of like homerooms, but they are open to each other and surrounding spaces. These spaces are the core of the educational program, serving many purposes as required. The remodeling provided new carpet, cave spaces and fixed partitions between the advisories. (Cave spaces are small niches for soft seating, conversation, individual study, and small group presentations. See the area against the back wall in the photo below.)

ArTech Remodeled Advisories

The logic behind the fixed partitions is multi-faceted. They provide power and data receptacles to the advisories and afford places to display student work. The openings through the walls allow students to change the focus of their eyes, an important part of a healthy learning environment. They are situated to provide visual separation of the grades when seated but to allow a standing student multiple framed sightlines to the outdoors.

Northfield Construction and their subs did a nice job getting the project done on a tight schedule. VIVUS is currently planning a kitchenette for ArTech’s hot lunch program; construction will happen this fall.

Furniture is still being rearranged, so things look a bit chaotic in the photos, but never fear, ArTech staff and volunteers will have it ship shape for the start of school!

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