Architectural Cake Construction Complete

January 1st, 2008 by Peter Schmelzer


Well, the house couldn’t be ready for Mary’s fortieth birthday.

So, we decided to create a scale model for the party.

Mary’s Scale Cake

It worked out that a 9×13 cake plan is a close approximation to the proportion of our floorplan at a 1’=3’0″ scale and that chocolate covered graham crackers were a close-enough match to our window sizes. So, my brother Bill and I conspired to create the edible model. My mother baked three 9×13’s in Wausau, Wisconsin where the party was to be. I crafted the roof out of foamcore boards (had planned peanut brittle for the roof, but ran out of time for the casting.) Then in a matter of hours, we transformed the cake in to the model. I think we’re a little short vertically (cake is a difficult material to be exact with!) but the overall impact was successful.

Scale figures by Julaporn Buakow

Mok, my sister-in-law, created an impromptu figure of Mary and our dog, Promise, for added realism. She whipped up the clay using bread, glue and (yes) hand-lotion!

Happy Birthday, Mary! And, thanks, Bill and Mok, for your expert help!

Scale Cake

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